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10 Best Things To Do In Denver

Denver, Colorado is a very beautiful place famous for its clear blue skies and amazing panoramic mountain views.

There are so many amazing things to do and places to visit in Denver that you can’t accommodate them all in your limited time. But don’t worry we are here to take all your worries.

We will provide you a list of the 10 best things to do in Denver, these are so amazing that you would regret it even if you leave 1 thing from our list of things to do in Denver.

1. Larimer Square

What is it? Larimer Square is the most important place in Denver, It is the city’s oldest commercial block.This place has an immense amount of cultural importance.

Why visit? Larimer Square is like a blessing to those who love visiting places that have historical and cultural importance. It is home to the city’s oldest shops, saloons, wine bars, restaurants and so much more.

Your visit to this place is incomplete if you have not marked your attendance at this amazing place.

2. Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

What is it? Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre is a vast park and amphitheater occupying more than 700 acres of land, located 12.4 miles from the city center.

Why visit? The tagline of Red Rocks says “There is no better place to see the stars” This tagline alone says a lot about this amazing place. 

You must visit this place to experience the essence of this place, as it completes all the criteria of the most amazing free things to do in Denver.

This might amaze you but we would like to tell you that Red Rocks Amphitheatre has hosted legends like Beatles, Tom Petty, and John Denver.

3. Denver Zoo

What is it? As the name suggests Denver Zoo is 80 acres of zoological garden and zoo located in the city park of Denver. It is the most visited tourist destination in the city of Denver with more than 2.2 million visitors annually.

Why visit? It Zoo houses more than 4000 animals and 550 different species of animals. You can spend your whole day roaming around different species of animals like lions, elephants, giraffes, etc. 

If you have money and want to spend it on the best thing to do in Denver then this Zoo is the most deserving place for that.

4. Mount Evans Scenic Byway

What is it? Denver is famous for so many things but one thing that differentiates it from all other tourist destinations in the country is its rocky mountains and breathtaking scenic beauty.

Mount Evans Scenic Byway is a 45 km long road having a final elevation of 4310 meters.

Why visit? If you are in Denver and have not driven your car on Mount Evans then you are missing probably the most amazing experience of your life.

Those who have driven their car on Mount Evans recommend to must drive on Mount Evans at least once in life and experience its most amazing scenic beauty.

5. Denver Museum of Nature & Science

What is it? Denver Museum of Nature and Science is a science and natural history museum.

It is the best thing to do in Denver with kids. It is the best resource for informal science education in the breathtaking rocky mountains of Denver.

Why visit?  If you are with your kids and you also believe that fun with knowledge is the best way to teach kids then the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is the place for you.

It has a  variety of exhibitions, programs, and activities that help visitors learn about the natural history of Earth and the universe. Its building houses more than one million objects materials and resources.

6. Empower Field at Mile High

What is it? Empower Field at Mile High is a vast American football stadium in Denver. The stadium derives its name  Mile High due to the city’s elevation of 5,280 feet (1,610 m)

Why visit? It is very unlikely that you are visiting Denver and you are not a fan of football or Soccer. Empower Field at Mile High is one of the most fun things to do in Denver. 

It is one of the largest stadia in the united states and gets you the perfect amount of adrenaline rush through amazing football matches.

7. Denver Art Museum

What is it? Denver Art Museum is one of the largest art museums in the united states. It is widely known across the world for its diverse collection of things from across the world.

Why visit? Not only it is one of the largest museums in the united states but it is also one of the oldest museums in the united states, and this makes this museum one of the hottest locations to visit among travelers.

It has everything that can thrill a traveler. It has more than 70000 varieties of works from across the centuries and the whole world. You should not miss this place if you are in Denver and looking for some cool place to visit.

8. Molly Brown House Museum

What is it? The name Molly Brown may seem familiar to some of the readers as it is the name of the only lady who survived the sinking of the RMS Titanic. 

Molly Brown House Museum is the former house of Molly Brown also known as  “the unsinkable molly brown”.

Why visit? Molly Brown House Museum is one of the best things to do in Denver if you are traveling to Denver or you want to visit an extremely amazing place to visit in Denver which has so much historical significance and also has amazing beauty.

9. Kirkland Museum Of Fine and Decorative Art

What is it? Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art is also an art museum located in the city of Denver. It derives its name from the famous painter and educator Vance Hall Kirkland.

Why visit? It is an amazing collection of antique and decorative art, it has an interesting variety of furniture pieces. You can enjoy your day around marvelous historical architectures here.

10. United States Mint

What is it? So many of you must have seen the popular Spanish crime drama show “Money Heist” in which the protagonist rob the Royal Mint of Spain. 

The same kind of mint which prints united states currency is located in Denver and the best part is that it is open for visitors.

Why visit? Even if you don’t like traveling and visiting different places, you should visit this place and we bet that you will feel thankful for us later as this is the most enriching and most fun thing to do in Denver.

This mint is so large that it can produce up to 50 million coins per day.

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